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The Inter-Departmental Centre for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRSA)

The Inter-Departmental Centre for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRSA) has been founded on October, 30th 2000, by the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geology of the University of Bologna, and started its activities in January, 1st 2001.
Its main goals are to:
(a) develop, administer and coordinate scientific research programs concerning environmental studies using interdisciplinary methods;
(b) produce, provide and manage goods and services finalized to research activities;
(c) promote and start co-operation between public or private, national or international partners;
(d) organize courses (Master), seminars and meetings and promote the publication and dissemination of studies and reports in order to increase the exchange on different environmental issues between researchers and environmental experts.
CIRSA is a leading institution in Italy in the field of researches on the Environment. In particular it is developing specific activities on:

  • Environmental/territory management (environmental monitoring, analysis and management of environmental dataset, development of state indicators, etc.);
  • Modelling Vulnerability and Environmental Impact Assessment (e.g. methodology for vulnerability and sustainability environmental assessment, methodology for EIA);
  • Energy management, transformation of biomass products;
  • Environmental quality assessment;
  • Integrated coastal management.

People operating in the Research Center and contact details.

List of recent publications by CIRSA Researchers


The National Inter-University Consortium for Environmental Sciences (CINSA) has been promoting and coordinating since almost twenty years scientific and applied research activities in the field of Environmental Sciences. The Consortium is based in Venice, has its operational headquarters in Parma and branch offices with local research unit at the Consortium Universities. The Consortium is placed under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research.