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Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Agreement of Cooperation between Unibo and UFRGS for the setting up of a Joint Laboratory on Coastal Evolution

An Agreement of Cooperation for the setting up of a Joint Laboratory on Coastal Evolution has being signed by Unibo and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in September 2014.

The cooperation between Unibo and UFRGS, already ongoing in the field of research and education since 2012, will be strengthened and extended, with the aim to identify and develop joint research activities, to be carried out in Bologna and Porto Alegre by coordinated teams of professors, researchers, PhD students and other staff.

The Joint Laboratory will consist of the Geoscience Institute to be settled at the UFRGS in the Campus Do Vale premises, and the laboratories existing in UNIBO, at the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences - BIGEA and at the Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Environmental Sciences – CIRSA in Ravenna.

The topics and activities to be performed have been identified as relevant for the bilateral cooperation and the strategic agenda of the two countries, in the marine research field.

Some of the joint activities to be performed:

  • development and execution of joint research projects, also based on Coastal sites. Such projects may also benefit from joint participation in local and international funding programs;
  • promotion of the mobility of researchers and technical staff of the two Parties, encouraging and actively supporting mutual secondment opportunities;
  • development of strategic partnerships between the Parties and companies, local institutions and other relevant stakeholders;
  • collaboration in joint post-graduate students education;
  • joint organization of international conferences.


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