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Basic Research

CIRSA performs basic research in: Marine Ecology; Marine and Coastal Geology; Marine Biology; Chemistry; Physiology.

Experimental Ecology Lab
Our goal is to increase and disseminate the scientific and technological knowledge necessary to understand and guide conservation actions of marine habitats and biodiversity in order to halt their loss.
Integrated Geoscience Research Group (IGRG)
IGRG research activities draw from many of the earth sciences: Geochemistry, Coastal Marine Geology, Geomorphology, Geopedology, Hydrogeology and Hydrology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy and Geographic Information Systems and more.
Laboratory of Algal Biology (ALGOLAB)
The Laboratory of Algal Biology deals with the study of growth, biochemical composition and eco-physiology of microalgae isolated from the environment and cultivated on a small scale in culture rooms, medium-scale photobioreactors and open ponds.
Green Chemistry Laboratory for Environmental Sciences
Nowadays the need for safer substitutes and alternatives to our current chemicals is a priority. Designing and synthesizing new chemicals following the Principles of Green Chemistry, taking in mind the risk for humans and the environment, will lead to fundamental knowledge in the design of next-generation green sustainable products.
Animal and Environmental Physiology
The research group on Animal and Environmental Physiology studies the effects of environmental stressors on acquatic invertebrates and vertebrates