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Secondary school hosted by CIRSA

The Ravenna campus hosts the children of the Secondary School "F.Baracca" in Lugo.

34 students of the first and second classes of the Secondary School "F.Baracca" in Lugo participated, together with their teachers, in interactive lessons held by researchers and graduate students of ​​the Scientific Park of the Ravenna Campus.

The lessons were held at the Renzo Sartori Laboratory, which host the Interdepartmental Research Center for Environmental Sciences (CIRSA).

During the morning, researchers from the Environmental Management Research Group (Nicolas Greggio, Luciano Vogli, Lucio Quadrani, Enrico Balugani, Daniele Terranova, Cristiana Briani and Marta Quaranta) described CIRSA's research laboratories, introduced topics related to sustainable development and the circular economy, and told about their experiences of study, work and life in various countries of the European Union.

In the afternoon, Giorgia Sciutto, a young researcher in the group of Microchemistry and Microscopy for Cultural Heritage, explained her European experience in the field of chemistry for the preservation of cultural heritage.

The meeting is part of an in-depth study on the role of the European Union in research and has met with the satisfaction of children and their teachers. The intention of both parties involved is to make these types of meetings more and more frequent.