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Sustainable use of resources

CIRSA performs research on: Sustainable chemistry; Waste use and methods for resource saving (energy and products from renewable sources); Fishery Management.

Sustainable chemistry

Green Chemistry Laboratory for Environmental Sciences
Nowadays the need for safer substitutes and alternatives to our current chemicals is a priority. Designing and synthesizing new chemicals following the Principles of Green Chemistry, taking in mind the risk for humans and the environment, will lead to fundamental knowledge in the design of next-generation green sustainable products.

Waste use and methods for resource saving (energy and products from renewable sources)

Environmental Management Research Group (EMRG)
The mission of the Environmental Management Research Group is to connect scientific research and the operational needs of companies and public institutions that are facing practical problems.
Analytical Pyrolysis Lab
The main activities of the Analytical Pyrolysis Lab are: analytical pyrolysis, new chiral building block from pyrolysis of cellulose, characterization of biochar for environmental applications, chemical characterization of oils obtained from thermochemical treatment of organic material, design of new thermo-bio hybrid concepts for waste valorization, catalytic conversion of microalgae into oils.